About REC-FM

REC-FM is an audio streaming channel operated by Riverton Radio Project Association (RRPA), a Delaware non-profit corporation dedicated to providing public media to the area surrounding Riverton, Maryland.  RRPA is headed by REC Networks founder Michelle Bradley and Eva Bradley.

During the day, REC-FM runs talk-based programming presented as a "showcase" of resources available to low-power and full-power radio stations as well as internet-only stations with a focus on their local community or free speech.  In the evenings, REC-FM runs music programming.  

The stream also serves as the official audio service of REC Networks featuring special programming related to the Federal Communications Commission and  similar topics.

The opinions expressed on programs that air on the REC-FM stream do not necessarily reflect the opinions of RRPA or REC Networks and are presented to showcase the availability of programs.

If your station is interested in carrying these programs, please click on the "Our Shows" link and select the show you want more information about.

REC-FM's internet stream originates from Canada and is licensed by SOCAN.

If you have any comments, concerns or inquiries about the programming you hear on REC-FM, please contact the program producers directly (click on the "Our Shows" link).  For general inquiries about REC-FM, please click on the "Contact REC-FM" link above.

Please enjoy the programming on REC-FM.