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Updated: 1 hour 7 min ago

Walmart displays #ElPasoStrong banner as store reopens

3 hours 37 min ago
The Cielo Vista Walmart reopened Thursday, almost four months after 22 people were killed in a mass shooting here.

The Democratic field is a mess with Iowa just 81 days away

10 hours 1 min ago
There are two races happening at the moment in the 2020 Democratic presidential contest.

Fox's prime time stars are telling Trump that the impeachment hearings are a 'disaster' for Democrats

10 hours 15 min ago
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Erdoğan showed GOP senators 'surreal' propaganda video during WH meeting

11 hours 44 min ago
During a meeting in the Oval Office Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pulled out an iPad to show a small group of Republican senators and President Donald Trump a propaganda video casting the Kurds in a negative light, according to a GOP source familiar with the situation.

Man executed after courts deny appeal for DNA test

11 hours 46 min ago
A Georgia man was executed Wednesday for a 1994 murder after courts denied appeals involving pleas for new DNA testing and a witness's claim that a different man confessed.

Opinion: What I learned taking maternity leave twice as CEO of Stitch Fix

12 hours 52 min ago
I took two 16-week maternity leaves as CEO of Stitch Fix. I was out of the office the whole time, delegating the role of steering my public company to our President and COO. I received praise for modeling parental leave for our employees while helping other young, female CEOs reimagine how they could build a family. While I was proud that Stitch Fix was leading the way, it also led me to question our leave policy and think more critically about gender equality roles within the household and the perceptions, expectations and values we pass on to our children.

'From the bottom of my heart': Bernie Sanders bounces as health scare fades

14 hours 26 min ago
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez capped her debut on the Iowa hustings in support of Bernie Sanders last week with a blunt call to action.