Getting your program on REC-FM

REC-FM is a showcase for programming that is available free to community oriented LPFM and full-service non-commercial FM stations.  While we have scoured various free programming sources to find material, we are always interested in accepting new weekly programming to be included during our "business hours" period from 10AM to 3PM Eastern Time.  

The following are our basic requirements:

  • Talk-based programming only.  No copyrighted music of significant length.  You may use "pod-safe" or commercial production music (such as those from TM Studios and other radio production companies).  This is because we are unable to "tag" music as it is played over the air. 
  • Our first priority for space will be programming related to radio, the broadcast industry, the delivery of community radio including podcasting, the recording industry, the radio hobby (Amateur, SWL, etc.) the FCC or equivalent regulators outside of the USA.  Our second priority is to programming related to computers, science and technology (STEM), traditional factual science and environmental issues.  Our third priority is to news and current events.
  • Programming airing on REC-FM should be non-religious in nature, factual and as politically centric as possible.  While programming that airs on REC-FM that is not produced by REC itself does not necessarily reflect the views of REC Networks, we are reluctant to accept any programming that promotes far-left or far-right causes, promotes fake news or conspiracy theories.
  • We will not accept any programming that disparages any particular minority group based on various categories including but not limited to race, religious preference, gender, sex, creed, national origin, immigration status, medical disability, mental disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, socioeconomic status, obesity (body shaming) and any other oppressed group.
  • Programs on REC-FM should be produced on a weekly basis at the same time of the week to assure that we have fresh programming in the schedule.
  • Programming must be made available either via podcast (RSS) or on a static URL that can be automatically downloaded by REC on a schedule.   We will not accept any program that requries manual action to acquire.
  • Programming may not carry any commercial advertising.  Fundraising to support the production of the program is acceptable.
  • Programming must be FCC friendly and not contain obscenity or indecent material that can't be aired outside of "safe harbor".  
  • Content must be downloadable without a password.

If you can meet these requirements, please contact REC-FM and provide us with information about your show including your website and your RSS feed URL or static download URL and schedule preference (if there is time available). 

Thank you for your consideration in participating in REC-FM!