Sunday January 26th

9:00 AM
From Justin to Kelly. The talent show winner and runner up get their own movie! It's a movie, it's a musical.. well, it's kinda those things. It's definitely Horrible. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini star in From Justin to Kelly. Grant and Katelyn Youngsma star in this week's episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast. Yeah, Wish Upon a Star!
10:00 AM
Coverage of a New Law Targeting Pirate Radio
11:00 AM
The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
11:10 AM
Whats the difference between a bird call and the sound of a pile driver? Not much, when youre close to the loudest bird ever. Also, how everyday sounds can worsen your health, and the efforts of a team in New York to catalog urban noise sources, hoping to eventually tamp down the tumult. Also, a case where being noisy helps a habitat thrive.
12:00 PM
Darren and Jack discuss these topics: The impeachment trial of Donald Trump began in the Senate. Jack is very impressed by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA). So are many other people. Darren and Jack predict a short trial because of the Senate Republicans. Where are the protests from the left to demand an impartial trial? Centrist conservative Democrats deny and deflect the facts. Bernie Sanders showed proof that Joe Biden has advocated for Social Security cuts at least three times in his career. Sanders apologized for op-ed written by Zephyr Teachout that called Biden 'corrupt.' Darren asserts that the apology was unnecessary. Biden grabbed a CBS reporter by the lapels after being questioned about Sanders apology. Tulsi Gabbard filed a defamation lawsuit against Hillary Clinton for claiming that Gabbard was a 'favorite of the Russians.' The United Nations accused Saudi prince Mohammed Bin Salman of hacking the phone of Amazon CEO and Washington Post owner Jeff Bezos. And a Michigan man settled a racial discrimination suit against his former employer. His bank refused to deposit or cash his settlement checks. Now he's filed a racial discrimination suit against the bank. Hammer Time: Michigan State Senator Peter Lucido (R) is accused of sexual harassment by Michigan State Senator Mallory McMorrow (D). Hammer Time: Hillary Clinton said 'nobody likes Bernie' in a new documentary.
1:00 PM
Can Earth be made into a nuclear-free zone, both weapons and reactors? Veteran journalist Karl Grossman on why Earth has to be protected from not only nuclear weapons but nuclear reactors as well, and points the way towards the future. 2020 Olympics torch relay set for Fukushima's Futaba, other radioactive hot zones - and Nuclear Hotseat's 'Voices from Japan' co-producer Beverly Findlay-Kaneko provides the details.
2:00 PM
With increased attacks on presidential candidate Bernie Sanders by corporate media, and with reporters, whistleblowers and truthtellers around the world under assault, we talk to journalist Jon Jeter about todays world of news, lies and videotape. And on the holiday celebrating what would have been the Rev. Martin Luther Kings 91st birthday, activists marched and rallied for a variety of causes related to human rights and human survival. Plus headlines. -Sanders Surges in Polls -Trump finalized a rule to allow companies to dump pesticides and other pollutants directly into many of the nation's streams and wetlands. -At Davos, Trump tells CNBC that he would consider cutting Medicare and Social Security in a second term. -DC Attorney General Karl A. Racine announced a lawsuit against Trump's inaugural committee. -Starting with this year's Women's March, activists have been in the streets of DC for a variety of issues for human rights and human needs. -Saturday, January 25th at noon, a rally is scheduled in front of the White House as part of the global 'No War with Iran' protests. -The one-woman stage play, The Fannie Lou Hamer Story, Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, will be at Prince George's Community College Center on January 25.
3:00 PM
We have added a call in line at for listeners to leave questions they would like answered, and this week on the Thomas Jefferson Hour we listen to our listeners. Five questions are answered, including thoughts on Jefferson and slavery, Jefferson and John Adams, appointments of judges and the nature of historiography. We also get to hear Clays impersonation of how Jefferson might sound ordering a pizza.
4:00 PM
Nearly 5 years ago, Crrow777 was a guest on this show talking about his research and video of astronomical events such as something called the lunar wave. His first and clearest video of the wave was captured on an equinox in 2012. The 2012 lunar wave caught the attention of mainstream media. Its essentially a vaporous line that scrolls from bottom to top across the face of the full Moon as if the image is resetting. This and many other anomalies are showcased in his recent documentary titled Shoot The Moon. Independent research at this level can profoundly reveal how we are disconnected from what's known as the sky clock, an ancient system of measuring time by positions of the Sun, Moon and stars. Other revelations include the climate engineering deception and the full speed ahead of world wide aerosol spraying of the skies. As many listeners know, this massive betrayal beyond scale created public distrust against those supporting climate change in universities, space agencies, the United Nations, environmental groups and many organizations who deliberately ignore real time climate engineering operations. Crrow777 shows us that so much can be learned by simply spending some time outside, pointing the camera to the sky, then gathering and stacking empirical evidence and sharing it with other independent researchers. A process that ultimately leads to asking the right questions.

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