Sunday April 5th

9:00 AM
From Justin to Kelly. The talent show winner and runner up get their own movie! It's a movie, it's a musical.. well, it's kinda those things. It's definitely Horrible. Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini star in From Justin to Kelly. Grant and Katelyn Youngsma star in this week's episode of the Horrible Movie Podcast. Yeah, Wish Upon a Star!
10:00 AM
COVID-19 and Rural Alaskan Radio
11:00 AM
The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
11:10 AM
Humans arent the only animals stressed-out by social distancing. Narwhals send out echolocation clicks to locate their buddies and ease their loneliness. And a plant about to be chomped by a caterpillar knows that the world can be a scary place. In this episode, we put aside human-centric stories to find out how other living creatures map their world, deal with stress, and communicate.
12:00 PM
Darren and Jack cover these topics: The Trump administration continues to do a horrible job responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Trump blames states for not preparing and keeping a stockpile of medical equipment. Yet he sent 35,000 pounds of medical equipment to China earlier this year when they were the global epicenter of the pandemic. What happened to America first? While Trump accuses health care workers of stealing PPE, one New York City hospital is loading dead coronavirus patients into refrigerated semi-tractor trailers using a forklift. Several Christian pastors continue to hold large church services in spite of stay at home orders. A California train engineer attempted to deliberately crash a train into the US Navy Ship Mercy in Los Angeles after claiming the ship is there for reasons other than as a floating hospital. Medical personnel are being threatened with termination for speaking to the media about a lack of PPE at their hospitals. Joe Biden continues to gaffe his way through the primaries. A former Senate staffer accused Joe Biden of sexually assaulting her in 1993, yet the Times Up Legal Defense Fund refused to fund her case because the group claimed they might lose their nonprofit status. Could the real reason be that the managing director of the funds public relations firm is a top Biden campaign adviser? Bernie Sanders is acting in a more presidential manner in dealing with the pandemic than Trump or Biden. And Darren has once again called for The View to be cancelled after Whoopi Goldberg treats Bernie Sanders horribly...AGAIN.
1:00 PM
2:00 PM
Whether it is the pandemic, the toll of sick and dying, or the unprecedented army of the unemployed, the United States has entered uncharted territory. We speak to activists, including Pam Tau Lee of San Francisco. But even with a quarter million confirmed cases and 6000 dead, the pandemic has not stopped U.S. capitalism from threatening lives around the globe and here at home. We speak to Professor Gerald Horne and Dr. Margaret Flowers. Plus Headlines
3:00 PM
This week in the first of a two part program we hear from Jefferson Hour listeners from around the country about how the coronavirus is affecting them and their communities. Included are reports from Clays daughter Catherine who finds herself somewhat stranded in Britain and Pat Brodowski, the head gardener at Monticello.
4:00 PM
We take another look into the realm of subtle energies of this planet. We've had on several guests describing the range of zero point energy options available to society yet continue to be vanquished and concealed by government and corporate entities despite that energy surrounding us all the time. Our guest Dr. Serge Kahili King has termed the ubiquitous energy Vril to give it a name because western scientists tend to rename each time its rediscovered. In his book is titled Earth Energies: A Quest For The Hidden Power of the Planet, Dr. King has researched many facets of Vril such as nonphysical healing, vitalizing energy, atmospheric energy and levitation. Cultures worldwide reference this phenomena and so do our ancestors. In his book its quoted 'we are likely to find that there is only one energy which has manifold expressions depending on the state of consciousness.' This is referencing for example magnetism, electricity, crystals, sunlight, geometeric forms, human hands, and human thought forms and more. Dr. King says they all have identical energetic effects. Guest - Dr. Serge Kahili King studied with master shamans from Africa to Hawaii and has trained thousands in his seminars. He has a doctorate in psychology from California Western University. King is the author of Mastering Your Hidden Self, Imagineering for Health, Kahuna Healing, Hurban Shaman. Dr. King is the Executive Director of Aloha International, a non profit worldwide network of individuals who have dedicated themselves to making the world a better place. We talk with Dr. King about his book published in 1992, titled Earth Energies: A Quest for the Hidden Power of the Planet.

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