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Thursday November 14th

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A History of the Republican Party with Heather Cox Richardson
9:00 AM
Maria Goodall, UFCWs bargaining team member, Liz Maass, OPEIU Local 8s bargaining team member, and Nallely Flores, OPEIU Local 8 Representative & Organizer, at Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, WA Interview by Gary Kanter: Maria, Liz, and Nallely update us on their contract negotiations at Providence Regional Medical Center, Everett, WA. For more information, go to https://www.ufcw21.org/news, http://www.opeiu8.org/MemberSupportAction/ProvidenceEverettContractCampaign.aspx, and https://www.ufcw21.org/. We Do The Work Comment: The cost of childcare is very expensive.
9:28 AM
CurrentCast is a daily (M-F) 60-second module that discusses water sustainability and stewardship. Topics covered include pollution, conservation, climate change, recreation, and more. The program is a project of the Center for Transformative Action.
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Current efforts by the industry to roll out 5G cellular networks across the US heightened the interest in TUC radio programs. Especially what medical Doctor Devra Davis reported regarding tests commissioned by the Chicago Tribune in August 2019. Results showed that radio-frequency radiation exposure from the most popular smartphones measured higher than the legal safety limit. The way most users carry smartphones on their bodies and hold them close to their skull when they talk sends more radio-frequency radiation into their bodies than they know. What this may mean for our children is addressed by Katie Singer at the beginning of this talk. She also lists the most energy demanding parts of the internet and how much embodied energy exists in all aspects of production and distribution. Katie Singer is the author of An Electronic Silent Spring, Facing the Dangers and Creating Safe Limits; and the forthcomingOur Web of Inconvenient Truths: The Internet, Energy Use, Toxic Waste and Climate Change - How on Earth Do We Shrink the Internets Footprint? She was interviewed at the Jan 25 to Feb. 3, 2019, conference of the the HIPPOCRATES HEALTH INSTITUTE by Ben Zeitlin. In 2015 Katie Singer gave a talk at the Colorado Chautauqua in Boulder. She opened with a memorable account on how human beings, like all living beings including plants function by electro chemical signals. Even at rest all cells have measurable voltage. Ever since the beginning of the electric power grid about 140 years ago, we have nearly saturated our environment with electrical and magnetic frequency fields and amplitudes that do not exist in nature. With 5G the industry is planning to exponentially increase the exposure. Are we overpowering our innate life giving electro chemical signals that keep our heart pumping and our brains functioning with these new frequency fields? This program closes with a brief excerpt of Katie Singer talk in Boulder in April, 2015.
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Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Our reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world?s most pressing issues. On Democracy Now!, you?ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events.
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The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
12:17 PM
Join Anna as she learns basic Japanese phrases. This is a 48-episode series that runs continiously on REC-FM.
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Community Progressive Radio (CPRmetro.org) is a non-profit, community-based, multi-media organization created to remedy the lack of media attention devoted to critical issues affecting our lives. CPRmetro.org provides a forum for a wide range of topics in a constant attempt to expose the truth. We use all the media technology available to us to provide our diverse communities with a media organization that can be relied on to give voice to its interests. We hope to provide opportunities for training and teaching community residents the science and the art of media production. We also hope to offer local artists an opportunity to learn media skills that will allow them to present their works to a larger audience.
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We talk with legendary writer Paul Theroux about his latest book, ON THE PLAIN OF SNAKES: A Mexican Journey. We spend the hour with him talking about Mexico, from the US border to the jungles of Chiapas: the resilience of a people in the face of violence and bad government, the preservation of ancient traditions by the poorest communities and the inspiring rebellion in the south by the Zapatistas, who have created their own liberated territory.
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What cities, deltas or whole countries will be lost? We hear directly from the scientists – from Scott Kulp & Benjamin Krauss at Climate Central. But we start with Dr. Jonathan Bamber. Why expert judgement jumped from 1 meter sea level rise by  …
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In her new film, The Edge of Democracy, director Petra Costa tells the story of how Brazil went from a rising star among free nations to a democracy on the verge of collapse. With unprecedented access, Costa documents the rise and fall of Brazils Workers Party and its charismatic leader Lula da Silva, the impeachment of Brazils first female president, Dilma Rousseff, and the rise of President Jair Bolsonaro who has ushered in, as Costa puts it, a new era of rule by the bible, the bullet, and the banks. In this very personal conversation, Laura and Petra discuss life and politics in the U.S. and Brazil'nations built on land theft, genocide, and extraction. They wonder if democracy can survive in states that fail to reckon with their pasts. Baiana (A Girl Born in Bahia) by Gaby Hernandez from her album Spirit Reflection courtesy of Mr. Bongo Records.
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CurrentCast is a daily (M-F) 60-second module that discusses water sustainability and stewardship. Topics covered include pollution, conservation, climate change, recreation, and more. The program is a project of the Center for Transformative Action.
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Description (600 characters): Dont Let Them See You Bleed: PERIOD examines the feminist movement through the lens of period activism. We will look at aspects of womens health and social justice that are often overlooked - From period stigma to the unfair tax on feminine hygiene products and the fight to regulate and disclose ingredients in tampons and maxi pads. Well hear from activists, researchers, and intellectuals who are challenging the attitudes and policies that negatively impact women on a daily basis. Featuring: Aida Salazar, Author/Activist. She wrote, The Moon Within. Nolwen Cifuentes, Artist/Activist Alexandra Gorman Scranton, Director of Science and Research at Women's Voices for the Earth Laura Coryton, British campaigner, feminist activist Jennifer Weiss-Wolf, vice president for development at the Brennan Center for Justice Tina Leslie, founder of Freedom 4 Girls
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International affairs analyst Mark Sleboda joins me again from Moscow to discuss the ongoing protests in Lebanon and Iraq and their geopolitical implications.
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The outspoken planetary scientist who led the Cassini imaging team finally sits down with Mat Kaplan for a revealing, fun conversation. We also talk with astronomer Jay Pasachoff while he watches tiny Mercury crawl across the face of the Sun. Chief scientist Bruce Betts was in the Planetary Society parking lot enjoying the November 11th transit of Mercury. He joins us from there for Whats Up. Hear much more of Carolyn Porco and learn about this weeks topics at: https://www.planetary.org/multimedia/planetary-radio/show/2019/1113-2019-carolyn-porco.html
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It's World Diabetes Day, and health care, including the high cost of insulin and other drugs, is a top issue for many voters. Plus, do early states like Iowa and New Hampshire have an outsized role in the nomination process?
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