REC-FM Program Schedule

During "business hours", REC presents programming that is available for community LPFM and full-service NCE stations. Unless produced directly by REC, programming on REC-FM does not represent the views of REC Networks and is presented to showcase programming available for stations.

During other times, REC-FM presents MUSIC FOR THE REC GENERATION featuring hits from 1975~1985.

Programming may be preempted for live events or internet service outages.

EDT Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00A Democracy Now!   Radio Survivor (repeat)
11:00A Global Research News Hour Building Bridges Radio Survivor
A show about community media through broadcasting and podcasting.
Reserved for REC Live or FCC related programming. Sea Change Radio NHK WORLD News NHK WORLD News
11:30A This Way Out Between the Lines The Shortwave Report
NHK Easy Japanese
REC Amateur Hours A huge block of amateur radio programming including:
This Week In Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Newsline

ARRL Audio News

The RAIN Report .
12:30P Community Public Radio (CPR) News
1:00P Latin Waves New World Notes Radio Curious Radio Ecoshock
the latest science, authors, issues - from climate change, oceans, forests, pollution, Peak Oil, the economy, and peace.
Off The Hook
The official radio show of 2600 Magazine: the hacker quarterly.
2:00P     The Michael Slate Show   Sprouts  

A NOTE ABOUT OUR PROGRAMMING: REC-FM is intended to be a showcase of different programs that are available (most free) to community focused LPFM and full-service NCE FM stations as well as many broadcasters around the world including internet broadcasters. Our carriage of a particular program should not be construed as an endorsement of that program or of the principles the program represents. Unless the program is specifically produced by REC Networks, the opinions expressed on the program do not reflect those of REC Networks or the Riverton Radio Project.