REC-FM Program Schedule

Saturday November 10th

12:00 AM

Music For The REC Generation
A mix of pop hits from 1975 to 1985. The last great music on AM radio.

11:00 AM

The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.

11:10 AM

The Shortwave Report

11:40 AM

The RAIN Report
From his home studio/ham shack in suburban Chicago, Hap Holly, KC9RP, produces this 10 to 15- minute weekly amateur radio program service, featuring timely interviews, occasional thought-provoking commentaries from other hams, excerpts from Hamvention Forums and other items of general interest to the ham radio community at large. Ham radio is traditionally an aural ? as opposed to a visual ? medium; we meet and recognize fellow hams primarily by voice, seldom seeing them in person.

12:00 PM

This Week In Amateur Radio
North America's Amateur Radio news magazine.

1:20 PM

Amateur Radio Newsline
Amateur Radio Newsline? is a free service to the amateur radio community. We produce a weekly audio news bulletin called a ?QST? or ?bulletin of interest to radio amateurs? that is delivered by a downloadable MP3 audio file from our website or through a podcast subscription. Operations are supported primarily by voluntary donations from individual amateurs and amateur radio clubs.

1:45 PM

ARRL Audio News
The official bulletin service of the American Radio Relay League

2:00 PM

Peace Talks Radio
On this episode, we spotlight two books - 1941: FIGHTING THE SHADOW WAR. by Marc Wortman that, in part, tells the story of the considerable popular effort to keep America out of World War 2 before the Japanese surprise attack pulled the country completely in. Also, John Dear's book THE BEATITUDES OF PEACE, in which he deconstructs each of the teachings that he calls the 'blueprint for how to be a human being'. Paul Ingles hosts.

2:30 PM

Economic Update

3:00 PM

The Jimmy Dore Show

4:00 PM

Locus Focus
After much anxiety, social justice and climate activists were mostly heartened by the mid-term election results. Now, what are the next steps we must take to ensure that a progressive agenda moves forward in Oregon and across the country? On this episode of Locus Focus we do an election retrospective with Eric de Place, Sightline Institute programs director, as well as a forecast for the upcoming legislative sessions in Oregon and Washington. We also check in on what's happening with fossil fuel fights around the Northwest. Eric de Place, Sightline Institute programs director, oversees research and communications teams. He is also a researcher, writer, speaker, and policy analyst who spearheads the Institutes work on energy policy. Known as a leading expert on coal and oil export plans in the Pacific Northwest, he is considered an authority on a range of issues connected to fossil fuel transport, including carbon emissions, local pollution, transportation system impacts, rail policy, and economics.

5:00 PM

Music For The REC Generation
A mix of pop hits from 1975 to 1985. The last great music on AM radio.

About our programming.

Programming aired on REC-FM is intended to showcase many of the programs that are available for community radio stations (LPFM, full-service, Part 15 and internet-only). Program content may not necessarily reflect the views of REC Networks.

At times when programming is not listed, REC-FM features Music For The REC Generation, playing hits from 1975~1985.

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