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Wednesday April 17th

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Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Our reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world?s most pressing issues. On Democracy Now!, you?ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events.
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Origins 1) Guest: Michael Lemonick, origin of the universe 2) Guest: Spencer Wells, origin of the human race.
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19th-Century Eugenics Movement and its Relation to Immigration in America with Daniel Okrent author of The Guarded Gate: Bigotry, Eugenics, and the Laws That Kept Two Generations of Jews, Italians, and Other European Immigrants Out of America.
9:00 AM
Amazon Watch!!!!!! More than 100 workers in the U.S. in Minnesota, and thousands of workers in Germany, organized by the labor union Verdi, and across Europe in Spain and Poland are striking on Prime Day, Amazons annual sale, with the slogan No more discount on our incomes. The strike comes as Amazon, which employees more than 600,000 people globally, extended the Prime Day sale for the first time ever to two days from July 15 to July 16 and promised one-day delivery on many items. Employee advocates say that will put more physical pressure on workers to keep up with demand. The strikes began Sunday night at Amazon facilities in Europe and at a warehouse ' or fulfillment center in Amazons corporate parlance ' outside of Minneapolis and are expected to continue all day Monday. One U.S. Amazon warehouse employee in Minnesota said shes expected to physically handle and drop off 600 items per hour while staying on her feet continuously, the Washington Post reported. Employee advocates slammed Amazons history of allegedly mistreating its workers in the U.S. and around the globe, and urge the need for more humane working conditions.
9:28 AM
National Book Award winning novelist Ha Jin discusses his latest book, 'The Banished Immortal,' a biography of celebrated 8th Century Chinese poet Li Bai (also known as Li Po). Hosted by Richard Wolinsky.
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Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Our reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world?s most pressing issues. On Democracy Now!, you?ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events.
11:00 AM
FCC tweaks to LPFM and NFCB
12:00 PM
The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
12:14 PM
Join Anna as she learns basic Japanese phrases. This is a 48-episode series that runs continiously on REC-FM.
12:24 PM
This is the first part of a two part interview with Stephen Jenkinson. Stephen Jenkinson is a teacher, author, storyteller, spiritual activist, farmer and founder of the Orphan Wisdom School, a teaching and learning house for deep living and making human culture, rooted in knowing history, being claimed by ancestry and working for a time yet to come. Stephen is the subject of the National Film Board of Canada's documentary film Griefwalker, about his experience working with the dying. His books include Money and the Soul's Desire, Die Wise: A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul, and most recently Come of Age: The Case for Elderhood in a Time of Trouble. There are more old people than ever before, and people are living longer than ever. But, there are virtually no elders in our society. No elder wisdom to pass down. And we see the effect of that in our world. Now more than ever we need to call forth elderhood in each other and ourselves, otherwise the world will devolve into self delusion and destruction. And we are well on the way there already. This is a powerful interview with a deeply insightful man.
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CurrentCast is a daily (M-F) 60-second module that discusses water sustainability and stewardship. Topics covered include pollution, conservation, climate change, recreation, and more. The program is a project of the Center for Transformative Action.
12:29 PM
Community Progressive Radio (CPRmetro.org) is a non-profit, community-based, multi-media organization created to remedy the lack of media attention devoted to critical issues affecting our lives. CPRmetro.org provides a forum for a wide range of topics in a constant attempt to expose the truth. We use all the media technology available to us to provide our diverse communities with a media organization that can be relied on to give voice to its interests. We hope to provide opportunities for training and teaching community residents the science and the art of media production. We also hope to offer local artists an opportunity to learn media skills that will allow them to present their works to a larger audience.
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Genetically engineered food products are an issue that concerns many. In more recent years, Mendocino County has gone so far as to pass a resolution legally prohibiting their growth in the county. My guest in this program, recorded in the late summer of 1995, is Ron Epstein, a philosophy professor at both the Buddhist University in Talmage, CA and San Francisco State University. He has given considerable consideration to the problems of genetic engineering of the plants and vegetables that we eat. Dr. Ron Epstein recommends “Algeny,” by Jeremy Rifkin. Originally Broadcast: September 18, 1995
1:30 PM
The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind
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2:02 PM
This week we spend the entire hour speaking with Max Felker-Kantor, the author of an important new book, Policing Los Angeles: Race, Resistance, and the Rise of the LAPD. This book tells the story of the Los Angeles Police Department, from the Watts Rebellion of 1965, to the 1992 Spring Rebellion.
3:00 PM
** 'Paramount at one point told me, there's something that you should understand - here we don't make films, we make money.' Denys Arcand Talks The Fall Of The American Empire. The multiple-award winning fiercely independent French Canadian filmmaker is on the line from Quebec, to talk about making movies his way. And, apparently not into compromising his creative instincts for Hollywood 'the money machine.' Along with discussing his latest provocative venture into socio-political moviemaking - his followup to The Decline Of The American Empire. And what any of this may have to do with Van Gogh, Warhol, the box office, the magical mystery of inspiration - and The Fall Of The American Empire young minimum wage protagonist's assertion that 'vacuum cleaners don't bring happiness.' ** 'You know, the first role I ever had, I played Al Qaeda No. 2. So it's something I've dealt with for a long time. And I think it's time we tell more positive stories of the Middle East - there's a lot of rich history in that part of the world.' Aladdin: A Conversation With Mena Massoud. The young Cairo born Arab-Canadian actor who stars as Aladdin in that latest Guy Ritchie directed revisionist mythological fantasy on screen, phones in to talk about, among other things, the multi-cultural origins of the China by way of Iranian ancient Persia legend. And, as reflected in the extensive culturally diverse cast - in particular with such a polarized world at war today. ** On television 'if the Big Eight is starting to sound like the old Hollywood studio system - that's because the attempt to monopolize the market is very similar.' Bro On The Global Television Beat. Arts Express Paris Correspondent Professor Dennis Broe presents his report on location attending a television festival at Fontainbleau, France - The Americans Are Coming! And how what you'll be seeing on the small screen in the near future is impacted by corporate monopolies, class tensions and class privilege, the Trump doctrine, lobbyists - and progressive content in a collision course with ratings. Plus...News Blasts, Persian Poetry, Julian Assange, Roger Waters, Mad Magazine, and the accelerating culture of censorship wagging the dog over at the NY Times.
3:56 PM
The Point Puzzle is a weekly puzzle. Every week a winner from the last week will be selected from emailed answers and announced on air and a new puzzle will be posed.
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This Week on The Earth Wants YOU! We get an update from Australia where Reverend Billy and Savitri D are leading a choir of Stop Shoppers around the continent, shouting down borders and burying walls. An impressed Lena Nightstar Talen gives us her experiences with the Australian Nature.
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