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Sunday April 21st

12:00 AM
North America's Amateur Radio news magazine.
1:20 AM
Amateur Radio Newsline? is a free service to the amateur radio community. We produce a weekly audio news bulletin called a ?QST? or ?bulletin of interest to radio amateurs? that is delivered by a downloadable MP3 audio file from our website or through a podcast subscription. Operations are supported primarily by voluntary donations from individual amateurs and amateur radio clubs.
1:45 AM
The official bulletin service of the American Radio Relay League
9:00 AM
On this episode, Thomas Fulks, Producer Phil, and Jack talk about the best 80s movies and how things from the 80s have come back and are being rebooted. Also, they talk about the genres and what made the decade of 80s a lot of fun. Then, the classic 80s movie Gremlins! It has to be said that this episode is a real piece of 80s nostalgia. They cover this movie in great lengths - every weird family-friendly horror comedy nook and cranny of the movie. Whatever you do, dont feed them after midnight.
9:54 AM
10:00 AM
FCC tweaks to LPFM and NFCB
11:00 AM
The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
11:09 AM
If you bake, you can appreciate maths transformative properties. Admiring the stackable potato chip is to admire a hyperbolic sheet. Find out why theres no need to fear math - you just need to think outside the cuboid. Also, how natures geometric shapes inspire the next generation of squishy robots and an argument for radically overhauling math class. The end point of these common factors is acute show thats as fun as eating Pi.
12:00 PM
Katy Steele is filling in for Jack Prince while he's on a two week vacation exploring Eastern Europe. Darren and Katy discuss these topics: The Detroit Police Department spends $1 Million on video surveillance and face recognition technology without approval or oversight. Is state surveillance being used to infringe on the First Amendment? Alex Acosta resigns as Labor Secretary after he's scrutinized over his handling of the 2008 plea deal for Jeffrey Epstein. Epstein was arrested again over alleged sexual abuse of minor girls and plans to ask a judge for house arrest instead of jail while he awaits trial. The rich have a different justice system than the poor. Katy reports on a Grand Rapids city commission candidate forum on affordable housing. And Department of Homeland Security Inspector General officers interrupt a CBS News interview with a former ICE spokesman turned whistleblower. Hammer Time: Detroit News writer Nolan Finley calls former Michigan governor Rick Snyder a 'victim' of social media 'mob'.
1:00 PM
In this week's episode, Director of Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch is back to discuss the latest on NAFTA 2.0; journalist Eric Levitz joins to dispel some of the most common myths about Social Security. Finally, filmmaker Leila Conners joins to discuss her new documentary on climate change and climate solutions, 'Ice On Fire'.
2:00 PM
Days before the Trump administration is set to begin raids on immigrant families around the country, a mother who came to the U.S. seeking asylum offers heart-wrenching testimony to Congress about the death of her daughter just after release from U.S. custody.And as British commandos still hold a seized oil tanker belonging to Iran, Gerald Horne weighs the implications of U.S.-backed provocations around the globe.
3:00 PM
'Jefferson comes off as a Machiavellian figure in this book, as not all together reliable and not always truthful in his epic fight against Hamilton.' ' Clay S. Jenkinson This week we present another installment in the Jefferson Hour Book Club and discuss Alexander Hamilton by author Ron Chernow.
4:00 PM
In May of 2019, the Staten Island Borough President James Oddo announced the creation of the Council on Boys and Men becoming the first government agency to address the alarming risk factors to American males. Being the only media present, revealed another crisis, the social climate for American boys is unfriendly, ideological and warped by discriminating gatekeepers. Author Dr. Warren Farrell, was among the speakers, his recently published book titled The Boy Crisis: Why Our Boys Are Struggling And What We Can Do About It was the blueprint for this government council. In 2016, past guest Christina Hoff Sommers, former philosophy professor and author of The War Against Boys, on this show, exposed some of the research by renowned feminist Carol Gilligan as statistically false yet it had been adopted by the U.S. Department of Education. Since the late 90s, this research had been the foundation for the projected image of female students as the oppressed and male students as predator or oppressors. Dr. Farrell has also since reframed this false projection in that both men and women are oppressed and when one sex wins, both sexes lose. When both sexes lose, ask yourself who stands to gain? The Boy Crisis expounds on data collected from generations of men growing up without fathers. The statistics on employment, suicide rates, incarceration, mental health and higher education reveal a silent war waged against the expendable male. Dr. Farrell is an educator, activist and author of seven books on men and womens issues. His books include The Myth of Male Power, Women Cant Hear What Men Dont Say, Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men? and Why Men Are The Way They Are. http://warrenfarrell.com/ yt-drwarrenfarrell

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