Thursday January 30th

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A conversation with Jack Weatherford, renowned scholar on Genghis Khan. He argues in his book, Genghis Khan and the Quest for God, that Genghis Khan inspired Thomas Jefferson for the Freedom of Religion principle.
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Margaret Cary & Cliff Cawthon, MLK County Working Families Party, Marco Morales, Local Leader, Part 2 Interview by Ken Winkes: Margaret and Cliff tell us all about the Working Families Party and Marco gives us his concerns and aspirations. For more information, go to or, or We Do The Work Comments: > Erma Perez, hotel worker, with the help of her union Unite Here is reducing worker abuse. > Sometimes what isnt said is more important than what is said.
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CurrentCast is a daily (M-F) 60-second module that discusses water sustainability and stewardship. Topics covered include pollution, conservation, climate change, recreation, and more. The program is a project of the Center for Transformative Action.
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In this January 2020 episode of Big Tech, co-hosts Taylor Owen and David Skok speak with Anand Giridharadas, author of Winners Take All. Giridharadas is editor-at-large for TIME magazine, an on-air political analyst for MSNBC, and a visiting scholar at the Arthur L.Carter Journalism Institute at New York University. Giridharadas acclaimed book: Winners Take All, The Elite Charade of Changing the World describes a global elite who claim to be in the business of changing the world. Big Tech is a podcast about the emerging technologies that are reshaping democracy, the economy and society. The podcast is a project of The Centre for International Governance Innovation in Canada. You can find the full 40 minute podcast on the website of CIGI, The Centre for International Governance Innovation in Canada or on Youtube under Big Tech CIGI.
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Democracy Now! produces a daily, global, independent news hour hosted by award-winning journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. Our reporting includes breaking daily news headlines and in-depth interviews with people on the front lines of the world?s most pressing issues. On Democracy Now!, you?ll hear a diversity of voices speaking for themselves, providing a unique and sometimes provocative perspective on global events.
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The latest world and Japan news from Japan's public broadcaster.
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Join Anna as she learns basic Japanese phrases. This is a 48-episode series that runs continiously on REC-FM.
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Community Progressive Radio ( is a non-profit, community-based, multi-media organization created to remedy the lack of media attention devoted to critical issues affecting our lives. provides a forum for a wide range of topics in a constant attempt to expose the truth. We use all the media technology available to us to provide our diverse communities with a media organization that can be relied on to give voice to its interests. We hope to provide opportunities for training and teaching community residents the science and the art of media production. We also hope to offer local artists an opportunity to learn media skills that will allow them to present their works to a larger audience.
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We talk with filmmaker Deborah Schaffer and film editor Rachel Reichman about Queen Of Hearts, their wonderful documentary about the life and work of Audrey Flack. Then we talk with investigative journalist Greg Palast about the important victory he just won in court to force the Governor of Georgia to release the details of a huge purge of mostly African American voters in the 2018 Georgia election.
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Sampling growing public fear and official pessimism, Alex reveals his best sources and tips on the novel Corona Virus (CORVID-19). Then Dr. Mark England reports half of Arctic warming comes from CFCs. Scientist Xiao Yang: rivers are not freezing over and why that  …
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In an era when companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on diversity and inclusion programs, the proportion of African Americans in tech, media, and business leadership roles is stagnating. In her new book, Diversity, Inc. The Failed Promise of a Billion-Dollar Business, award-winning journalist and New York University professor Pamela Newkirk describes the gap between the rhetoric and the reality where racial equity and inclusion are concerned. She calls us to go beyond lip service and radically reevaluate how we make organizations more diverse. Music in the Middle of the podcast: Self-Love by Joe Armon-Jones Featuring Obongjayar from his album, A Turn to Clear View, courtesy of Brownswood.
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CurrentCast is a daily (M-F) 60-second module that discusses water sustainability and stewardship. Topics covered include pollution, conservation, climate change, recreation, and more. The program is a project of the Center for Transformative Action.
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This week on Making Contact, we bring you a story about resilience and rebuilding after a megafire decimated parts of Northern California. This is episode six of The Response: Reimagining Paradise in an Age of Disruption. Featuring: Allen Myers, paradise, CA resident; Elisabeth Gunderson, nurse practitioner; Mayor Suda, Onagawa, Japan; Bob Stilger, scholar-activist; Bill Hartley, president of museum the Gold Nugget.
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Margaret Kimberley, the senior editor of Black Agenda Report, is the author of a new book, Prejudential: Black America and the Presidents. I asked Margaret to come and talk with us about the book and what it tells us about our current political situation.
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Physicist, cosmologist, astrobiologist and author Paul Davies new book explores what he believes to be the defining quality of life on Earth and perhaps elsewhere. He talks about this and more in this special episode. Pauls book is one of the prizes in the new Whats Up space trivia contest. Learn more and enter the contest at
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Tonight's the last debate before the South Carolina primaries, but it's also the last before Super Tuesday, which includes California and its 494 delegates.
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