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The Earth Wants You

When to hear it

Wednesdays at 4:00 PM Eastern

About this show

The end of the world with humor and music is this show's recipe. The hour is friendly and scary, environmentally friendly but also faces extinction vortexes and tornadoes two miles wide. In News from the Natural World Savitri D anchors the news of the pain of living things facing mass death. In Extinction's God Talent we listen to the cries, growls and lovely melodies of endangered animals. The Interview feature a natural scientist, but the New York City-based show goes easily the issues of racism, gentrification and immigration. The title The Earth Want YOU reflects the belief of the show's hosts that the 1st Nations Peoples were right all along, that the Earth is a living being. She who loves music and likes to laugh, too.

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How to get this show

This show is available with an affiliation with Pacifica Network and can be downloaded through Pacifica Audioport. For more information, please contact Ursula at http://pacificanetwork.org/contact/. Please make sure you let her know that REC referred you.